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LR DH36 steel plates shipbuilding
The shipbuilding has a long history. Due to the development of shipping and military needs, LR DH36 steel plates manufacturing ships tend to be large and specialized, and shipbuilding technology is developing rapidly. Shipbuilding industry has become one of the most important heavy industry sectors in the world.
LR DH36 steel plates manufacturing ships are made up of thousands of parts, almost related to the various industrial sectors. In addition to the unique technology of hull construction, shipbuilding also involves mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, architectural, chemical and fine arts and other fields. Therefore, LR DH36 steel plates shipbuilding is a comprehensive technology based on all industrial technology, and it reflects the industrial technology level of a country.
There are many varieties and large quantities of materials used in LR DH36 steel plates shipbuilding. The manufacture of a LR DH36 cargo ship with a load of 10 thousand tons requires 3000~4000 tons LR DH36 steel. The main materials used in the hull structure are carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel.
LR DH36 high strength steel plates can reduce the weight of the hull, reduce the propulsion power, and achieve the purpose of increasing passenger and cargo, or improving the speed of the ship. LR DH36 steel plates ships need to operate in harsh environment. For LR DH36 marine materials, besides ensuring smelting method, chemical composition and mechanical properties, they have high requirements in weldability and corrosion resistance also.