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ABS Grade EH40 Shipbuilding Steel Plate
The application of laser processing technology in processing of LR AH36 steel plates is mainly embodied in three aspects: laser cutting, laser welding and laser forming technology.
The laser processing technology has unique advantage that common processing technology can not match: no processing force between the laser and the workpiece; it has characteristics of no contact and small thermal effect; confocal laser beam is easy to lead direction and focus, and can easily realize flexible processing for LR AH36 steel plate.
The LR AH36 steel plates laser processing process is easy to control and realize automation; energy density of laser beam is high, processing speed is fast, processing efficiency is high, it is energy-saving. The LR AH36 steel plates laser processing is a kind of green environmental protection technology.
The development and application of laser processing technology provide better and faster processing means for LR AH36 steel plates processing. It not only improves the productivity of shipyard, but also promotes the transformation of ship design concept, which greatly accelerates the development of shipbuilding industry.